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Together As One

We believe in unlocking every loan officer’s full potential. That means taking the time to truly understand what you’re best at and what you could use some support on.

  • In house underwriting allows Ross loan officer’s to quickly communicate to stay ahead of any potential pitfalls in deals. 
  • Experienced processing teams can turn deals around quickly eliminating delays in the mortgage process. 
  • Creative marketing specialists can help brand or reposition your business for 2022 and beyond. 
  • Accessible, sales focused leadership are highly involved in growing our brand with our loan officers in mind. 

Strength In Numbers

Any company can tell you how great they are, we let our numbers do the talking. 

  • Seventeen active corporate benefit relationships with over 100,000 employees. 
  • Robust internal lead generation program produce over 600 new purchase leads per year. 
  • Partnership with Zillow delivers an additional 250 qualified ready to purchase buyers each year.
  • Licensed in two of the fastest growing U.S. states (Florida & Tennessee).
  • Over 20 years in business under the same owner, keeps the organization stable throughout economic downturns.  

Originating In 2022

The mortgage landscape is changing, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve. 

  • Modern content studio equipped for both audio and video production
  • Full realm of digital advertising placements including: display, native, social, and content. 
  • Retooled application allows borrowers to apply to less than five minutes. 
  • Same day underwriting pre-approvals give your borrowers the confidence they need to get their offers accepted. 
  • Efficient processing means your loans get underwritten and cleared to close faster.

I Joined Ross And You Should Too!

"I joined Ross Mortgage after years of being frustrated with a lack of resources from my old national lender. At Ross, every LO gets preferential treatment making it easier to get deals done and increase my business. Three years in I couldn’t be happier originating at Ross thanks to the support I’ve received along the way!"

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