Five Improvements That Will Help Your Home Sell Faster

Once the decision is made to put your home on the market, most people want it sold the “next day”. I don’t think it has to be said that the process isn’t instantaneous, but what if we told you there are small home improvements that will make a big impact on how fast (and how close to asking price) your house will sell? What’s even better that that is they’re not even expensive! Don’t forget to follow Ross Mortgage on Facebook and Twitter for daily advice on everything to do with your home.

   1. Convert unfinished or unused space into a storage area. Buyers love to see an abundance of storage space, so adding some extra storage can only help you. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try adding a desk and some chairs to create a whole office space plus the storage.

   2. Clean grout and replace toilets. Nothing is more welcoming than a freshly updated (and really clean) bathroom. It takes the pressure off of the buyers to have to think about those updates. Replacing the shower heads and polishing the fixtures can go a long way as well.

   3. Apply a fresh coat of paint. Don’t necessarily do bright, bold colors because tastes will vary. However, a clean coat of white or a neutral color — even if you just do the edge work — can make an entire space seem cleaner and brighter.

   4. Have matching kitchen appliances. Have you ever walked into a house where the appliances are all from different decades? It’s a little off-putting. An avocado refrigerator doesn’t exactly work well with a stainless steel microwave. It sets a bit of uneasiness with buyers. Having everything look as though it belongs together makes for a much easier sell.

   5. Call a landscaper. Or, at the very least, break out the lawnmower and gardening gloves. The first thing a buyer will do when they arrive to the home is judge the curb appeal. That’s your first impression, so make it neat, tidy, and clutter free.

The most important lessons to take away from this are cleanliness, cleanliness, and more cleanliness. Don’t make the buyers wonder what your home would be like “if” it was clean — show them what a magnificent home you have to offer. The more appealing the property is, the offers will be higher and the “Sold” sign will go up faster.