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Tools Every Homeowner Should Own


Being a homeowner is full of excitement and home projects galore. Whether you’ve recently moved in, or have lived in your home for many years, there are a handful of tools that will help you live comfortably and become a DIY master.

We’re breaking down the basics and the ‘nice to haves’ to help you get a head-start on your tool collection today.


1.      Screwdriver set - You’ll be surprised how often you reach for a simple screwdriver. A small set of 4-6 should be plenty for most people, and choosing a set with magnetic tips will make completing your checklist a breeze. If you’re a minimalist or are short on space, consider buying one screwdriver with a set of interchangeable heads.

2.     Hammer(s) - Equip your toolbox with 2 hammers—a lightweight hammer and a heavyweight claw hammer. You’ll use the lightweight hammer when working with small nails, and the heavyweight version for larger construction projects that call for larger nails.

3.     Flashlight - In the event of a power outage, you’ll be happy you have a flashlight. It’s also convenient when working in the basement, attic or crawl space. Choose a rechargeable version to eliminate any surprises, such as dead batteries, when you need it most.

4.     Tape - You should have a few kinds on hand, such as Duct tape, electrical tape and packing tape.

5.     Pliers - Locking pliers provide torque and gripping power, while needle-nose pliers will help when working in tight spaces.

6.     Adjustable wrench - This tool will tighten most sizes of nuts and bolts, allowing you to fix things with ease while saving money on a full set of wrenches.

7.     Plunger - It comes as no surprise…every homeowner needs a plunger. You probably won’t have time to drive to the store to buy one during a toilet emergency.

8.     Utility Knife - Also known as a box cutter, you’ll reach for this multi-purpose knife over and over. If you have children, pick one with built-in safety features.

9.     Tape Measure - Choose a retractable model with a locking mechanism. It will come in handy when you need to measure for new furniture, blinds or to calculate square footage when purchasing paint.

10.  Safety Gear - There’s a good reason parents always say “safety first”. A pair of safety glasses, a dust mask, earplugs and gloves will help protect the irreplaceable… you! 

BONUS:  Buying a nice toolbox to store all of your new tools will save both time and frustration. Nobody enjoys digging through endless drawers to find the right size screwdriver for a simple fix!


11.  Power drill and drill bits - A battery-powered drill is more efficient and faster than using a screwdriver, plus you’re also less likely to strip the screw when using this tool. Purchase a pack of drill bits with a variety of Phillips-head, slotted and square-drive bits in varying sizes.

12.  Step stool - Easier and safer than standing on a chair, this is a game-changer for changing light bulbs, cleaning fan blades or getting things down from high cabinets.

13.  Ladder - You’ll be happy you purchased a ladder when hanging Christmas decorations and cleaning the gutters.

14.  Wet/dry vacuum - If your basement would flood (and we sure hope it doesn’t!), having a wet/dry vacuum will help you clean up the water. You can also use it to clean out your car, vacuum messes made by beloved kids or pets and so much more. 

15.  Power washer- Invest in a power washer to restore your property’s original beauty. Similar to a wet-dry vacuum, the possibilities are endless with this deep-cleaning machine. Many homeowners swear by power washers to wash siding, fences, decks, concrete, cars and more.

You certainly don’t have to buy all of these tools at once, but by investing in some essential tools over time, you’ll have the gear you need to protect your investments, handle emergencies and complete your to-do list.

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