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Spruce Up Your Home for Spring: Interior Edition


“Spring cleaning” is a term most people are very familiar with, and for good reason. Why? Because even if you absolutely dread deep cleaning your home, it’s hard to deny how amazing a dirt-free home makes you feel in the springtime. So turn on some music, open your windows to let the fresh air in and get the family involved (or simply tackle your list little by little!). We hope you enjoy these tips to help maintain and clean your home this spring.


•   See ya later, dust bunnies - Let’s face it, Easter bunnies are far more adorable than dust bunnies. Since your home’s heater has been running all winter, dust has (most likely) accumulated on many of the surfaces of your home. And with spring being allergy season, dusting and cleaning your home is actually good for your health! Use a microfiber cloth to clean your baseboards, window casings, fans, blinds and vents. Microfiber cloths are the ultimate cleaning tool because they are statically charged and attract dirt, pet hair, dust balls and micro-particles like a magnet. After dusting all of your surfaces, vacuum or sweep your floors to remove any additional dust and dirt.


•   Get clean, clear windows - Washing the outside of your windows to get them sparkling clean is only half of the job. Next, it’s time to clean the inside of your windows so that you can see the flowers and trees blooming perfectly! There are many great products available to help simplify this task. Google “window cleaning cloth” for microfiber or e-cloth options that will give your windows a streak-free shine using only water - perfect for families with children.


•   Reverse your ceiling fans - During the spring and summer months you want your home’s ceiling fans to blow air straight down, so each ceiling fan needs to run in a counter-clockwise direction as you look up at it. Most fans have a small switch that easily changes the direction of your fan’s air circulation. This quick fix will make your home operate efficiently and comfortably this spring.


•   Clean or replace your HVAC filter - Changing your air filter on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to take good care of your HVAC system. Unfortunately, this task is easily forgotten by many homeowners for months at a time, leading to future maintenance issues and higher energy bills. Change your filter today and set a recurring reminder on your phone to remind you of future filter changes.


•   Clean your dryer vent - Over time, dryer lint builds up in your home’s dryer duct and is a fire hazard. If you haven’t deep cleaned your dryer vent recently, search YouTube for DIY tutorials or call a handyman to complete the task for you. You may even notice your dryer works better and dries faster once the vent is cleaned out!


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