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Spruce Up Your Home for Spring: Exterior Edition


Calling all homeowners … and future homeowners! Guess what? We’ve almost made it through another winter. Today, we’re bringing you the 1st article in a 2-part series covering spring home maintenance essentials. Regardless of if you’re living in a home built 30 years ago or a newer home, there will be some care and repair each season to protect your investment. These tips will help get your home in tip-top shape for the coming months. Let’s dig in…


CLEAN IT:  Do you wash your car? Your house deserves the same type of care! Think about it this way - your house just sat outside for an entire winter with zero protection during many different types of harsh weather. It probably needs a good washing! There are several innovative products on the market that connect to your garden house to make formerly long and exhausting jobs, such as house and window washing, much easier.


If you own a power washer, this is also a great time to wash and seal your exterior woodwork (such as decks or fences) and concrete (weather permitting). Many hardware stores will also provide power washer rentals for a small fee.


INSPECT IT: While you’re outside, check for any new cracks in your concrete that showed up over winter. Most smaller cracks can be filled with concrete filler or silicone concrete and masonry caulk sealant. If you find a new, significant crack in your foundation you may want to consider consulting with a professional.


Next, get your ladder out and check your gutters to see if they need your attention. Even if you just cleaned them a few months ago, the peace of mind you’ll have when the first spring rainstorm makes an appearance will be well worth the effort.


While you’re on the ladder, check for fallen tree limbs on the roof and visually inspect your shingles for any issues. If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, don’t skip this important step! Call a handyman or ask a friend or family member to help.


You’ll also want to check your outdoor faucets for freeze damage and make sure your downspouts are pointing away from the foundation of your home. This will allow for proper drainage and will prevent water entering your home.


REPAIR IT: Wouldn’t it be nice to kick off spring with a few projects checked off your “to-fix” list? If there’s been a repair you’ve been putting off for a while, now’s the time to get it done. There’s not much worse than putting off a small issue with your home and having it turn into a really big, expensive issue!


By taking time to clean, inspect and repair the exterior of your home, you’re taking steps to prevent future issues and you’re winning at homeownership!


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