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On-trend Home Upgrades that Won’t Risk your ROI

With social media more popular than ever, we now have the ability to peek into the beautiful homes of friends (and even strangers!). It’s easy for your mind to start wandering, thinking about how you would update your own kitchen or bath. But with trends constantly changing, how can you be sure your remodeling wishlist isn’t going to make your home look completely outdated in 10 years?


Here are some of the best trends that you can safely partake in without risking your ROI.


   *Paint is your friend- Paint is one of the most wallet-friendly upgrades you can make to your home, and an easy way for you to stay current with the trends. Love a colorful accent wall you saw online? Paint a matching one in your own home in an afternoon. When you decide you don’t love it anymore, paint it a different color. Wallpaper is also back in style, and fortunately there are many peel and stick options that are easy to install and can be removed if you change your mind in the future.


   *Organize everything - Simplifying your life by organizing your material things is very popular right now. Kitchen and bath cabinet companies are designing incredible built-in organizers that make your daily life easier. Hiring a professional organizer will pay you back immediately by helping you be more productive and less stressed in your home. Plus, if you decide to list your house, buyers will find it easier to imagine themselves living in your home when it’s well-organized.


   *Fix it up with specialty fixtures - There are many on-trend fixtures that are useful, cost very little and improve your quality of life. Think about how you use your home on a daily basis. If you cook a lot, consider adding a pot-filler next to your stove. If you are constantly filling up water bottles, a bottle filler with a built-in water filter may be a fun addition to your home (bonus: kids love these!). If you upgrade your home in ways that are thoughtful and helpful, your future buyer will likely find value in your upgrades, as well.


   *It’s all in the details - Just when you thought they were out of style for good, gold and brass finishes are back! A low-risk way to partake in a trend you aren’t sure if you’re going to love for the long term is to update your kitchen or bath’s hardware. This lets you try out the trend without going ‘all-in’. This simple upgrade will quickly add some WOW to your room and is a DIY-friendly project. Updating light fixtures to on-trend styles is another great way to change the look and feel of a room without spending or risking a lot.


   *Patterns are perfect for accessories - Patterns are great, but there are new ones that become popular every season. Companies spend lots of advertising dollars to get you to fall in love with the newest pattern and buy all the coordinating items. If you want to take part in decorating with the trendiest pattern(s) of the season, choose pieces that are easy to update in the future. While that patterned bathroom tile is beautiful, it’s an expensive and time-consuming upgrade your future buyer may not love. You also may find yourself sick of it in a few years when the trend has moved toward another style. A simple way to incorporate trendy patterns is by purchasing pillow covers to quickly update your room’s decor.



Do you have a list of beautiful upgrades you’d like to pursue and are wondering how to pay for them? You may have the option to do a cash-out refinance to tap into some of your home's equity. If you are interested in finding out if you’re a good candidate, reach out to us at 508-986-6100, or by email at  You can apply for a mortgage here.