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How to Make Your Home Ultra Cozy This Winter


Tis’ the season to be cozy! In the coming months, you may be sledding with the kids, checking out your neighborhood’s Christmas lights or taking an epic ski excursion to remember. One thing is certain - no matter how you choose to spend your free time this winter, you’ll want a cozy space to return home to.


We’re sharing essential tips for prepping your home into a warm and welcoming atmosphere to hibernate from the cold.


•   Enhance your slumber setup with strategic upgrades to your bedding. On average, we each spend approximately 1/3 of our lives in bed, so it makes perfect sense to level-up our bedding for maximum winter comfort. Switch to flannel sheets and consider purchasing a down comforter if you don’t already have one. A heated blanket is also a dreamy addition to your current bedding lineup.


•   Clean and organize your home, as you’ll most likely be spending a great deal of your time indoors. You’re probably well aware of the importance of spring cleaning, but a pre-winter deep cleaning is arguably even more important. Declutter and donate items that you don’t use anymore. Many local animal shelters are thrilled to take old blankets and towels off of your hands. After you’re done, get even more prepared by doing a deep clean of the areas you’ll be spending the most time this winter.


•   Designate a spot for reading and games and make it a hub for your family to enjoy all season. The perfect spot has a table where you can host a family game night or work on projects with ease.


•   Provide convenient access to throw blankets in the rooms of the house where your family tends to congregate. Drape one over the back of your couch or have a basket of blankets available to easily grab on a chilly day. Or, consider getting each person a new, soft blanket of their own to enjoy. Place some additional throw pillows on your couches to amp up the comfort.


•   Make your home smell amazing using candles, diffusers, wax warmers or a freshly baked plate of cookies. Did you know scientists have discovered that humans’ most powerful sense is our sense of smell? No matter what your favorite scent is, filling your home with a delightful smell will make you happier and will make your home feel extra inviting.


•   Add warmth underfoot by adding plush rugs in the areas with wood or tile flooring where you’ll spend the most time. If you’re wanting to get extra cozy, choose rugs with a medium to high pile. Your feet will thank you for this warm addition!


•   Install a learning thermostat to automate the perfect, toasty temperature for your home - while saving money. Not only will the device make automatic adjustments based on your heating and cooling habits, but you’ll also be able to adjust your home’s temperature using your smartphone from the comfort of your bed.


A cozy home elicits feelings of relaxation, happiness and warmth. With a little pre-planning, you’ll be ready and excited to savor your time spent indoors this holiday season.


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