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Houseplants Bring Added Health Benefits to your Home


Houseplants, such as fiddle leaf figs and snake plants, have recently become a trendy, vibrant addition to home decor around the country and it’s easy to understand why. Houseplants are nice to look at and add a beautiful pop of color to any room. But the benefits of houseplants don’t stop there - bringing greenery into your home also comes with added health benefits! Today, we’re digging in to the ways houseplants can help make you a happier, healthier homeowner.


•    Reduce dust and mold -  According to WebMD, researchers have discovered that rooms containing plants have less dust and mold than rooms lacking foliage. The leaves and other plant parts act as natural filters to catch allergens and other airborne particles. So cool! Google “Houseplants for allergy relief” to find out which houseplants will benefit you the most.


•    Improve air quality inside your home - Paints, cleaners and other household products give off harmful pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can make it hard to breathe, worsen asthma symptoms and irritate your eyes and skin. Houseplants can soak up the VOCs, along with other dangerous chemicals, purifying the air for you and your family.


•    Increase your attention span naturally - Does your office (or home office) decor include a plant? Research studies have found that by simply adding a plant to your workspace, productivity and attention span are both increased! In fact, employees who work in offices with plants typically take fewer sick days, feel better about their jobs and even worry less. Similarly, students studying in rooms with at least three potted plants performed better on math, spelling, reading, and science tests than those in classrooms lacking plants.


•    Lower stress levels - With so much going on in the world, it would be easy to become stressed. Adding a houseplant to your space can help! After testing the effect of plants on blood pressure, heart rate and stress cortisol levels, the science was clear - plants have a naturally calming effect on the mind and body. Think about an area in your home where you could benefit from less stress and a better attention span. You’ve just uncovered the perfect location for your new houseplant!


If you’re worried about not having a “green thumb”, don’t let that stop you from harnessing the health benefits of houseplants. There are countless low maintenance options, such as the spider plant or peace lily. Or try the ever-popular snake plant, a succulent that can go up to a month without being watered!


During these unprecedented times, we’re collectively reminded that home, nature and fresh air are truly special and worth protecting. As we are currently spending lots of time in our homes, and many are working from home, it’s a perfect time to consider owning a houseplant (or several!) to freshen the inside of your home naturally and provide numerous health benefits to you and your family.


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